If you're interested in getting a commission slot, simply message me on any social media with the kind of commission you would like to get, your character reference, pose/expression and your paypal email!

For quickest response; join Discord server or DM on twitter

Prices are estimates and may increase depending on character complexity and idea.

artist works best with artistic freedom

fullbody commissions

comm. typebase priceextra chara.
flats$60+$60 each
shaded$70+$70 each

Price includes 2 edits during sketch phase.
Color palette changes are free

Commission Type:
Background: Color/White/Transparent
Additional Info: (optional) Things people tend to miss about your character
Username: (Twitter/FA/Discord)

sketch page commissions

$120 usd

3 poses
full color & shading

No WIPS provided
No significant edits after final sent
Style may vary
Artistic freedom required
Any gender
Human & anthro ok
Sfw preferred, nsfw ok

Theme/Mood: (rainy day, bundled up)
Additional Info: (optional) Things people tend to miss about your character
Paypal Email:


• The artist will only work for anyone above the age of 18.
• The artist is not responsible for clients who falsify their age.

• The artist does not knowingly accept work from any person that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, or in any other way harmful to a group of individuals.


• I reserve the right to choose which clients I work with.
• At any time, I may cancel the commission and issue a refund for any given reason which may or may not be disclosed with you.
• I am under no obligation to begin your commission until I am paid in full up front.

Copyright and Usage

As the artist;
• I retain all rights to all images created, to be used and distributed.
• I honor requests from customers wishing not to have their art posted, however, it may incur a fee.

As the client;
• You may produce physical prints of your commission for personal use, modify purchased art with permission, crop for display pictures and icons.


• The artist will require a digitally drawn reference of the character(s) being drawn, this can be a ref sheet or an illustration.
• The reference must include all important markings and other attributes.
• Traditionally, Avatars, and Second Life models can be used as a reference if a digital colour palette is provided and the images are of decent quality.
• Once sketched, the clients commission will send it to them for approval. If any changes are needed at this point, make sure to let the artist know immediately.
• The artist reserves the right to charge extra for any major changes done to the piece after its completion.

Turn Around
One Month
Delays will be notified through social media and not individually delivered for time and convenience.

Payment and Refund Policy
• Payments are accepted through PayPal, USD only.
• Paypal invoices are used during this transaction.
• If the client is unable to pay the day of contact, they will be declined.
• The full amount must be paid upfront unless the artist and client have discussed differently.

• Can be given at any time for any given reason by the artist.
• If the client is dissatisfied with their commission, discuss it with the artist first.
• After payment, the client may pull out from the commission and receive a full refund.
• A partial refund will be given for half completed work.
• Fully Completed work cannot and will not be fully refunded for any given reason.

✧Allow 2-3 weeks for a full refund

This Privacy Policy describes how and when the artist collects, uses, and shares information when a client purchases a service.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that the artist does not own or control.

Both the artist and client agree to not knowingly share any private information gained during this service/transaction. The exception to this is any disclosure required to complete the service.

Data Retention
• All information given when filling out a commission form or during contact data is collected by the artist and held temporarily. Any information shared is used only during the service the artist is providing.
• No information will be given from the artist to a third party without notifying the client first.


non human genitalia
sexualized feral/zoophilia
any variation of vore
humiliation/hate art
the sexualization of underage characters

Things I Can't Draw Well
birds, reptiles, amphibians
feathered wings
dolphins, whales
elephants, rhinos, etc of the sort

If you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to message me on any of the social media listed above.
However, I am most active on twitter and discord!

Make sure you read my TOS before messaging